In Estonia, aerospace science has been the driving force behind the nation's most prominent achievements in space. A number of leading astronomers, astrophysicists and atmospheric scientists have significantly contributed to mankind's understanding of the Universe and the planet Earth.

Each country - big or small, old or young, located in the east or west - generally wants to be successful and to provide best of the best living conditions towards its inhabitants. In order to be successful tomorrow one must always make right decisions today. We believe that success in long perspective can only be achieved by focusing on innovation and new technologies - among them, there is also a very special place for space technologies.

It is probably quite unreasonable to contribute hard into launching industry, because Estonia is a very small country. But when talking about some contribution into global remote sensing projects, data processing and development of several downstream services would be the areas of some potential for Estonian space related companies.

Estonia has high-quality of basic and applied research in the following fields:

  • Remote sensing;
  • Atmospheric research;
  • Oceanography;
  • Radiometry;
  • Optical (including laser) instrumentation;
  • Astrophysics;
  • Information technology;
  • Materials science.

By optimising public resources, making full use of existing (scientific, business)
competence and prospective programmes of ESA and EU (Copernicus, Galileo) Estonia wants to focus systematically on three areas of research, development and innovation:

  • Earth Observation
  • Satellite Communication, Navigation & Positioning
  • Space Science & Exploration